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A Few key features of the Matrice 300 Series


  • Extended flight times - 55 minutes with no payload
    > Average flight time with 1 payload - 45 minutes

  • Self-heating battery

  • Anti-collision strobe beacon

  • Dual Control for seamless switching of Pilot and Camera Operator

  • ADS-B for sensing nearby air traffic

  • Full 6 way directional sensing & positioning 

  • IP45 weather resistant rating

  • Pin Point and Smart Track Modes

  • 4-in-1 Camera Payloads including Thermal, Zoom, Wide angle, and Distance Finder

  • Improved flight display 

  • Change batteries without powering down

  • Foldable booms and propeller for quick deployment

  • D-RTK2 Supported

  • Integrated drone health management system

  • Improved redundancy in flight components 

Matrice 300 RTK - Rental

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